Monday, January 30, 2006

Monday Monday

Ahhh...gots to love them. About the best thing about Monday is that that's the day they show 24, my favorite show. I got up lazily at about 10am. I stayed up late and somehow managed to fix my old computer that had locked up for over 3 years. It just wouldn't boot up. Somehow, it booted up in Safe Mode and I was able to scan-disk and defrag. I started uninstalling 1 program at a time until finally, one time I rebooted, all my little icons were sitting there. After over 3 years! There's all kinds of stuff there like cd covers, fam pics, letters, lyrics, registration keys, etc. This is great! It also doesn't crash when you type too fast or make any sudden moves!
So, I my machine was shown to be ready and okay for this online job I wanna check out. I just need to complete my basic training and I should be good to go.
I'm so steamed. I forgot to set up my VCR to tape 24....what a dummy! So, I called go old Hector and Mario and they are gonna try to tape it for me. I could just kick myself in the butt! I sure hope they were able to do it.
Tomorrow, I start phone and DSL with Grande Comm. SBC wouldn't work with me after my loyalty to them of over 30 years so it's adios amigos. Goodbye to you. I hope Grande works out.
I sure was tired all day today. I hope I feel better tomorrow.
We had free munchies at my internet job! Yippee. Free food just tastes so much better!
Sandwiches from Schlotzkies I think....

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Life in Corpus Christi

Life in Corpus Christi -
Seagulls crap on your car, too, not just regular birds.

Short but sweet

Because my computer has very little RAM memory, I have to keep my blogs short and sweet. I've started rants and about halfway thru them, the machine crashes! Just as well, sometimes those long rants are nothing more than long rants that go nowhere. Just blowing off steam and such. So, there may be more than one post per day because of that...

Friday's Music

Friday, I got to debut 2 of the 3 songs I learned the previous week. The Kelly Clarkson song "Breakaway" was received warmly! There were about 7-8 twenty-something girls that appears out of nowhere and they stood by the bar and listened to the whole thing and were very kind with their generous applause. The whole 1st floor dining room was very receptive and supportive! The other song I debuted was Hal Ketchum's 5 O'clock World. You might know it as the theme to the Drew Carey Show. The dining room was almost empty, but I heard applause coming from somewhere near the elevators.
I also sang Cucurrucucu to a mostly Latino filled dining room at the time. Again, very generous applause. This is the saddest song I know. The lady dies and the man can't eat, sleep and just wants to drink. It's angst and drama filled and if I'm not tired, very fun to sing. I do it old style with similated crying and belt it out.
There was a request for some Johnny Rodriguez - don't know any. And a request for 70's music. I think I did some James Taylor, Eagles, and Bread.
Those were the "big" songs of the evening.

Bay Harbor Playhouse

While I was doing my thing Friday, there were 2 lovely ladies having dinner. After my 1st hour, one came up and introduced herself. She was the manager of above said playhouse! She invited me to come audition for the play - Patsy Cline. I was so flattered. I did "Crazy" after she was seated and we decided we must talk further. I would love to audition for this as Theatre is what I want to try next should I end up moving to NYC like I want. My only trepidation is that should I by some miracle get this part, the play would prolly show at the same peak times as my gigs at the Crab Shack and I'm not giving those up. Grrrrrr! I may audition just for the audition experience. I have re-trained my voice to not be so much about power and volume, but more about finesse and artistry. Maybe I'm wrong, but don't you have to belt it out on stage? Do they mic singers wirelessly now on stage? I just don't know. See? I have to check into this so that I may learn all about it!
She was extremely sweet and put a business card in my tip jar allowing me a free pass to a show with a guest. I'll prolly take my niece, Clarissa. I think it's important for little kids to see plays, shows, live music, etc. She's so bright, so beautiful. I have such high hopes for her future.
We just have to find just the right show to take her to.
I was so flattered by this lady from the playhouse. Just when my self-esteem is taking a beating due to the job market here, she really made my day.

The Friday Gig at Joe's Crab Shack Lighthouse

Friday was great! I love singing at Joe's Crab Shack Lighthouse. It's a beautiful restaurant. 3 stories or personality. There's even a little sign hanging from the ceiling that sez, "Life's too short to live in Dallas". So true. My sister and her family came out. I was so heart-warming to see my niece, Clarissa in the audience. I love that little child so much! In truth, Clara's Family was the first of all my family to actually come to a real gig, indoors, that was not a family function to see me do my thing. Years ago, my 3 sisters came out to Dallas on a quickie I'm hear, I'm gone visit while my sister #2 was in Texas from LA. It was great, but too short. I sang at a family thing for my Tio Cesar, but it was a difficult set-up, never felt right, and was all about my Tio Cesar it was his birthday, I think). So they again didn't see me do my thing. Friday was great!
There were some folks from Kingsville there! My home town! They stayed for over and hour and talked to me after their dinner. They were kind enuf to tell the Manager - James that they would only return if I was singing there! Yippie!
I even got to sneak in Eentsy Weentsy Spider and Teapot for the little-est customers.
Luckily, my gear is just the right size for the room I sing in.
What a satisfying night! I love Joe's Crab Shack Lighthouse!

Sunday - Day to Relax - uh-huh

Like the song sez - Woke up this morning feelin' fine...well- I wouldn't go that far. I woke up with less back pain than yesterday so that's a good thing. I guess I'm so excited to do my gigs that I have schlepped my gear a little too carelessly adn hurt my back. Last week was just murder.
I made my new breakfast of micro-waved eggs, corn tortillas, coffee, and salsa. Not too bad. I switched to corn tortillas at my Tia Minnie's suggestion. Not too bad. Coffee just kinda pulls it all together. I have much to do today. I have to wrap up my training for my new online job, laundry, go to Kinkos to print new revised resumes, dinner at Clara's, Desparate Housewifes, and then to bed. It's just another Pleasant Valley Sunday.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

A long day...

Just got home from work and I'm pooped. It wasn't that it was busy. It wasn't. It's the sitting here waiting for the phone to ring that gets exhausting. Still.... I guess I shouldn't complain.
We're having a flea prob here at the Chihuahua Ranch. Luckily my late best pal left me a basket of doggie stuff for her Bubba which I use to treat all the boys. It's heartbreaking watching them struggle with those pests. It's hard for me because they sleep with me and they are restless all night. Not to mention that I start to itch as well!
Tomorrow is payday...yippee. It's been a long time coming. The pay is so low tho that it won't make a dent in my living expenses. I must find a way to make MO MONEY. Sweet dreams, ya'll. I have to stay up and organize my songbook and try to learn 3-4 new songs.
Oy. I'm already so tired.

And Oh yea...

Oh yea... I don't have the time everyday to be overly profound. I'm still engaged in the day to day struggle of just trying to make it here in CC.
My blog servs as a day to day accounting of a STRUGGLING artist. I don't come from American royalty (past Presidential blood), Euro Royalty, high society or monied people. I'm just a Mexi-CAN not a Mexi-CAN'T (to quote George Lopez).
I was born in Kingsville, Texas to humble hard-working honorable folks. My dad was a cabinet maker/carpenter, a Leo. My mami, a Liba, was a stay at home mom until she went to work at the Stop and Shop across the street. My Gawd... I feel so bad now thinking back on how we would just go and STAY at the store while she worked. We would park our butts and read every magazine on the rack. We'd call her incessantly while she was trying to work. We were awful and we just wanted our mom.
When my parents died a year and a half from each other, I went into a tailspin of depression tho I didn't understand it at the time. It's take me years to realize the implications of the devastating loss. I still struggle with it to this day. But, it caused me to not finish college. Hence, it's hard for me to find a decent job even tho I am capable of so much. Even tho I've met many an idiot WITH a college degree, no benefit of the doubt is given me when applying for work.
Anyway, that's a teeny bit of history. I hope it helps to understand my blogs...

Hidden Sunshine!

Surprise! I thought I was gonna suffer when I washed my hair in cold, cold water.
When I was washing my hair in the sink, the water was still warm in the water heater! I didn't suffer at all!
You just never know. When you think all is just hell, a little bit of heaven sneaks in! Sometimes, it's hard to see past the hardship. Past the hassle. Past the hell. I think the wisdom is to just let things happen sometimes...and sometimes, they just don't go like you think they would.
Happiness is warm water to wash your hair. At least today.

Getting Ready for Tomorrow

I'm getting ready to work up the gumption to wash my hair in cold water in the kitchen sink. Yech. My hair never feels right when I wash it in cold water.
When I get home tonight, I have to organize my songbook for tomorrow. I have over 300 songs in there and when I dropped my book a while back, pages went everywhere. It's hardly alphabetized anymore! That means when people make requests, it takes ages to find their song. Well, gotta scoot. My chicken wings are cooked and I gotta go to Awesomenet...

Today's Challenges

Well...the city came out to hook up the water and gas. They determined they would not be able to hook up the gas as the water heater is missing a cut-off valve. Safety issue. Oy.
Now, I have to wait for the repairman to do his thing. He needs to determine whether he needs a permit, call a plumber, etc. In the meantime, I have to wash my hair with cold water and shower at a pals.
They say this stuff makes you stronger. Yea... uh-huh.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Roller Coaster Life

Wow... what a day. I found out I landed the gig at the Joe's Crab Shack singing on Fridays from 6pm to 10pm. While I was finding this out, they were disconnecting the water to my house. Yo...It's been hell finding a day job here in Corpus Christi. I don't see how people survive down here if you don't have a degree. Why do they punish folks that didn't go to college?

Monday, January 23, 2006

Neglected but not forgotten,,,,,

Wow...I've neglected my blog soooo long. I kinda forgot about it. I plan to start posting more frequently. I have so much to say. More to say now than I have in a while.
I have been struggling greatly these past few months. I should blog my experiences so that I don't forget having gone thru them during the good times. These are lean times indeed.
I just got home from my newest job at Awesomenet. I do bi-lingual customer service. I really like this job and the view from our office is stupendous.
I moved from Dallas to Corpus Christi a coupla months ago. I may have been rash in my decision but as a wise man told me, it's done. No use belly-aching about my choice.
Finding a job as been so difficult and money has been hard to come by. I have a whole $8.75 to my name!
The good thing is that I seem to have done well at my audition at Joe's Crab Shack on Shoreline. I'm hoping I have many more gigs to do there yet!
Well, there's still so much more to post, but the ding just went off on my George Forman rotisserie. My chicken wings are done and I'm starving. I'll try to post daily now like I see other people doing. They can do it - so can I.
Til tomorrow.....