Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Obzeet on Sunday May 30, 2004

Almas Chihuahua Ranch

Ah, what can I say! The gig went well... I may've worked myself way too hard, tho. By the time I left, my clothes were hanging. I worked my butt off! It was steamy hot and the heat was merciless. The gig, tho, did go well. People were so kind and into my music. I sang for 3.5 hours without a break and then sang for another hour since the place was still full and they were willing to pay a bit more plus dinner! Yea! My blood glucose,tho (BG) was quite low the next day and even into the day after that. Chris, my best pal, chewed me out for overdoing but I can't help it! I love to sing and if the people are digging it, it's hard to me to stop. I am paying the price, tho... I felt like hell this morning when I got up to go to work. I was late 1 hour.
That's all they need to come after me, tho but that's a story for another blog.
more laterz

Gomez, Viggo, and Batman

Almas Chihuahua Ranch
Gomez, Viggo, and Batman are my 3 chihuahuas. The loves of my life! I am looking for a little house with a fenced back yard to that I can let them sun themselves and play outside. They spend all day in this awful apartment. It makes me very sad to see it.
Today, I got to take Gomez for a short walk. He does so love his walks. Well, I'll just keep looking for that little house!