Sunday, May 30, 2004

Weblog : The Advanced Web Tracking Software

Weblog : The Advanced Web Tracking Software
Sunday... usually I'm an Andromeda, Beastmaster, Buffy, Angel watching couch potato, but I have a gig later. So, my usual schedule is off... the plan is to load out in a little while. Do a load of laundry. Shower and stuff... then drive out to far North Dallas, load in... do my show... load home.. and load out again. So exciting... I enjoy the singing but the rest is tedious beyond belief for me. The good thing is that it's an early show. I'll need to re-check the start time since they prolly didn't realize it was (in essence) another Saturday night. Or is it? Do people party-hardy on Memorial Day Sundays? We shall see, I guess... So, my post is a short one for today. I'll be at Obzeet at 4pm to set up.... C ya there!


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