Sunday, May 30, 2004

Weblog : The Advanced Web Tracking Software

Weblog : The Advanced Web Tracking Software
Sunday... usually I'm an Andromeda, Beastmaster, Buffy, Angel watching couch potato, but I have a gig later. So, my usual schedule is off... the plan is to load out in a little while. Do a load of laundry. Shower and stuff... then drive out to far North Dallas, load in... do my show... load home.. and load out again. So exciting... I enjoy the singing but the rest is tedious beyond belief for me. The good thing is that it's an early show. I'll need to re-check the start time since they prolly didn't realize it was (in essence) another Saturday night. Or is it? Do people party-hardy on Memorial Day Sundays? We shall see, I guess... So, my post is a short one for today. I'll be at Obzeet at 4pm to set up.... C ya there!

Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Wow... First Entry... woooohoooo!

Well, here we go.. my first entry. I expect to post exciting and marvelous things everyday... after all, I lead that kinda exciting life!

I had my first show at the Addison Dream Cafe. It went well. The patio was pretty full and the kids were beautiful and talented. Participation was at maximum and the kids really seemed to enjoy singing along. This little boy named Jack was clearly the star. He was so confident and capable! I didn't get home til 10pm and I was dead tired.

I'm looking forward to getting promo out and doing more shows!