Thursday, July 09, 2015

Back to my little blogspot...

Well, I haven't been here in a long time.  I'm sneezing as I pull off the dust covers from the furniture.  I open a window and let the air and sunshine in.  I will blog here from now on.  So much has happened since I was here at my little blogspot.  I am homeless again.  I will post old FB posts if I can find a way to lift and post them here. 
More later...

Friday, November 02, 2012

2012-11-02 Friday - Closer to a Home

Good morning from Good Sam in CCTX. Got up straight up at 5am. The exterminators are coming to the shelter today so I have to have everything off the floor and on the bed and in the locker. 
The are re-showing Real Steel the movie with Hugh Jackman. I saw it the other night here at the coffee house and they are re-showing it for the ones that missed it. 
Here's the update. It's been a while since I blogged. People have come and gone. I've gone from a deep depression and bad anxiety to walk the line of maintaining. 
For me it's just a prevailing sadness that I have to fight like sinking in quicksand. The more you fight it, the more you sink so it takes just easing through it to survive. 
I like this movie. There's a father/son relationship that's gone wrong. A used up, broken down robot no one believed in and a victory that wasn't absolute. 
I've been working very hard at fixing my life, health, mental health, and just my situation.
In the past days, I have gotten my flu shot, fixed my addy on my voter registration and voted, gotten an appointment with Nueces County for assistance, gotten food stamps, gone to Catholic Charities and gotten a name to call, registered with TWC as a job-seeker, gotten a job that hasn't started...yet, working on disability forms, applied for a free cell phone, public housing forms, and am looking around at places to iive. I have a month to find a place to live and get my dogs from the Humane Society. Much to do. Sometimes, I get hopeless. I have about $3 left. They provide me with a bus pass here to see the doctor. Today, I get to go to Spohn Memorial to pick up my meds. Then I will return to make calls on Skype. I get to sleep late tomorrow. Sunday - TADA! - I get to see my pups. So,
I will get going. I am okay. Sending positive vibes to the folks on the East Coast. Those storms could easily come this way. I need to cal my surgeon to see if my procedure was approved and when it's scheduled.
Ya'll have a good day and remember to appreciate all that you have. For some, a good day is coming to the homeless shelter's coffee house, sharing in the camaraderie, and watching an action flick like Real Steel. I have lots more to write but, it will have to wait til this weekend.A

Friday, October 19, 2012


The check cashing place I was waiting to open is open now so I have to run. 
I will be writing more to address some of you individually.  I am thankful to all of you, and want to be sure to thank you.  It's hard to remember everything that happens at the shelter.  I want to capture what happens so that if you find yourself  in my situation you can not freak out so bad.  You can know what to expect.  It's been hard to keep up with this and look for work, get the medical done, and ride the buses which take up so much time. 


2012-10-18 HG Loses Her Mind

Earlier that afternoon, HG was freaking because she thought she lost a necklace that contained her father's ashes.  Crying and generally losing her shit.  After calling the bus people and retracing her steps, she looked in her locker and guess what, it was there.  Now, she was deliriously happy.  Oh Joy.  
A little bit later, she ran back in and motioned frantically for me to remove my headset.  So, I did.  Well, it seems one of the loves of her life was staying here at the same shelter.  She was already involved with another resident of the shelter. Girl can pick 'em, huh?   
The New Girl (NG) came in with the woman who had confronted me about my arms.  I backed out of the picture and stared folding some of my clothes when the Woman comes and asks me if I wanted a hug.  WHAT?! I said.  She asked again if I wanted a hug so that I would feel better.  I said NO.  I don't want to hug you.  She She said it would make me feel better.  I almost told her a right hook into her face would fill me with delight, I said no it wouldn't and that I was fine.  It was hard to contain the desire to punch her lights out.  She left and I went back to my movie. 
HG didn't know what to do.  She didn't realize how much she loved Marvin upon seeing him.  Blah, Blah, Blah.  I was growing tired of this constant roller coaster ride of manic depression.  I have my own issues you know?  She found a new victim to talk to in the new girl.  And then she left the room.  The new girl left to meet up with her husband and I happily returned to my show on Hulu.
I had unplugged everything after watching an episode of Supernatural on Hulu. I fell asleep.  Betty also was already asleep when the new girl burst in with staff her face flushed red in anger.  What I could barely make-out was that HG had rummaged thru her stuff and now her license, social security card, and ATM card were gone.  Oh man.  I was awake now and just stayed in my bed and watched the circus unfold.  Staff and the new girl stripped her bed and gathered her stuff while New Girl who got here by riding the freight rails, ranted and raged.  Gathering it all, they found another bunk for her.  Then HG came in and we were all awake now and really sick of all this drama.  She had to tell us her version of the story and my conclusion is that HG is back on the stuff.  Her behavior is manic.  
When I woke up, I saw her head bob up from a storage container she uses as a table.  I've only seen heads bob like that when they are snorting something.  I have to proof, but she bounced out of bed like she was without gravitiy, walking on the moon.
I got dressed and ate breakfast, had coffee, and caught a bus to go get my last check from Subway.  I'm sick and tired of these people, management that resembles prison personnel more than staff at a shelter, crazy people that talk to themselves, the smell of weed in the alley, rules for some and not all.  I just want out.  This afternoon when I get back I've made a list, a plan of things I can get done while I'm out this while.  I want a home.  I want my dogs.  I am ready.    

2012-10-19 I'm Invisible Can't You See

We the harder I try to be part of the background, the more ppl provoke me. 
Yesterday morning, Thursday, I stayed at the Good Sam.  I wanted to organize paperwork and plan the next week or so of my stay at the Good Sam.  
I got a job working for Goodwill Industries.  I work at a store I have shopped at for over 30 years.  Hector and I used to wait for payday and  back in the 70's, this was THE place where we'd find our treasures.  I'd find vintage dresses and hats and unusual wall hanging stuff.  I love that store and can't wait to work.  I start next week.  
So, I woke up in a great mood Thursday morning.  I had the shelter breakfast of a bowl of oatmeal.  No milk tho, but I still liked it.  I walked across the street.  And while these days I sport a big back pack, they are banned from the cafeteria and the coffee house.  We are to leave them outside.  I, mistrusting creature that I am, cannot bring myself to do that.  So, I'm lucky I brought a big denim purse and I cram modem, little laptop, and a keyboard, plus whatever else into the purse.  I graduated from the school that teaches you can find a way around anything.  Anyway, I plugged in and was joined by one of the few people at the shelter I enjoy talking to.  A free spirit who lived on the beach at Port LaVaca.  He's Latino so we relate on a few levels.  We giggled at the FB stuff and when the coffee house closed at 8am, I walked across the street to the courtyard where all the smokers are out to kill me.  I get physically sick the smoke is so thick and the smell of testosterone is thick and suffocating.  I proceeded to organize 3 little note pad type of books.  I'd pull pages with writing and transfer the into to a new little book so as to have it all in one place.
It wasn't long before in the second book, they appeared.  Bedbugs.  I'd turn a page and out they'd crawl.  Linda, the bedbug queen, helped me to kill them.  A total of 9 of them emerged from the cover and from between the rings of the book. Gross.  I pulled the info pages and just threw that book away.  I've already lost so much due to roaches, to come here and have to lose things to bedbugs really chaps my ass.
So, I finished, and as it was 10 til 10am when they let us back into the dorm after allegedly cleaning it, I went in and lay down.  
I woke up to drama from the HG (Heroin Girl). Some old love of her life had made an appearance at the shelter.  She's already "in love"  with another shelter guy and didn't know what to do.  Oh My!  I really was blase so she kept going from person to person who each has their own drama to deal with.  She didn't know what to do as she cared for both these ex-cons that she loved to much.  
I went to lunch and they had soup.  Some kind of sausage meatball  soup.  It was tasty if sorta bare in the fixings but I ate it all.
I went back to sleep and before dinner was awoken by the wife of a staff member.  She doesn't work there.  
She had to issues to talk to me about.  Okay.  I looked at her thru one eye that could barely focus.  
The first one was for me to tell her where to find the TV remote because she was told I was the last one to have it.  I was awake now and sensed a need to be present and alert.  Danger, Will Robinson, Danger!  
I told her that I didn't have the remote nor know where it was as I never had the remote.  Now, I hair was on end and I was no longer sleeping.  I told her that I sat in the TV room all of 10 minutes but they were watching the old Dracula with Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee.  I must've seen that a million times.  They were not watching American Horror, so I came back to my bed where I usually am.  I mostly stay there as I don't want to get to know these people.  I am leaving in about 3 weeks hopefully.  So, no, I don't know where the remote is.  I asked again the next morning and it has yet to turn up.
Her second issue was whatever was on my arms.  She peered intently.  I told her I wasn't sure what it was but that it was not bedbugs.  Bedbugs leave a slight tunnel where they burrow in and then suck your blood.  I had none of that.  I have a few cat scratches from playing with Prissy who likes to sleep on my bed.  I had small hives on my right and left forearms.  I don't know what they are.  I was eating generic benedryls like peanuts and slathering my arms with anti-itch creme.  The actually were better but still looked angry.  She assume a position of authority which I instantly resented and assessed that she just wanted to make me aware that they were talking because she'd just hate for them to go complain to management and for them to draw up paperwork and evict me.  Now, I'm mad but not gonna show it.  Her "concern" was ever so clear to me.  I mustered my fake sweet voice and told her thanks I'll take care of it.
She kept saying that it was just concern.  I didn't buy it. 
So, I called my liaison at community services and she advised me to go and talk to management mysef first before anything else happened.  I got up, tied my hair up, and went to the front desk where her husband was working.  I said I needed to talk to someone but not at the front desk.
They summoned Mr. Edward.  I told him what they said and that I was concerned that it wasn't staff that talked to me.  And that she was out of line.  He said they had no other way to monitor the Women's Dorm so she wasn't out of line.  Interesting, so there are planted "spies".  Good to know. 
He also said he wasn't the type to hunt me down.  I had already spoken to him about waking with my arms like that and we were going to spray my mattress, but, I never pursued it because I wasn't sure if it was all due to stress (I have lost hair due to stress), bedebugs, scabies, fleas (37 cats live on this compound-cat boxes everywhere), new soap, new detergent, chiggers...hell I just didn't know.  He said he trusted me to take care of it and not to worry.  I said thanks for listening man...and went to lie down for a few minutes.
I got up and went to dinner.  We had chicken, green beans, pinto beans, scalloped potatoes.  It was better than what we usually have to I enjoyed it.  
I called my sister and told her just so somebody else know.  I mean, I am at a homeless shelter and there's no way for me to know how people will react.  
This was only the beginning.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

2012-10-09 Tuesday Early

Good morning from the Good Sam shelter.  Sitting at the Good Sam Coffee House trying to wake up.  I woke up congested with a raw throat.  Ugh. The coffee is good but they have the heaters on and the layers I put on, have come off.  I walked out of the shelter hearing another guest complaining about another guest that had open sores and was scratching them.  Oh yea.  Great way to wake up.
The dorm gremlin was busy over night.  I couldn't find my lock. I looked everywhere and it was in a bag.  It's never in a bag. I found a miniscule baby bed bug on my hand when I sat up.  It was overkill but I smashed it with my chancla and then stomped on it.  It was smaller than a flea and light brown.   I'm cranky today.  
The girl who works the coffee shop, oh wait, she's in her 40's, \ giggles and says right to anything you say.  I cringe.  "Right?"  Arghhh!  
Today, I have an eye exam courtesy of St. Mark's Episcopal. I have to take the Bus 24 to the Greenwood Wally World.  
I was lucky to get a check for my exam before funds ran out.  Nice lady Jill Johnson at the church took care of me.  It took 2 buses and a short cab ride to get there.  Total $10 taxi fare to keep the wind off me and not aggravate my ankles.  
After I did all that on the very South part of town, I took a bus to turn in my application for a job.  I didn't have far to walk and got to go thru a Goodwill Store.  They had some interesting stuff, and I spent $5 for a duffle which in the end is storing my t-shirts and shorts.  If I have to leave fast, I can now be out in minutes.  
My next hassle this morning is that they don't allow backpacks or anything other than a purse in the coffee  shop.  I put my paperwork, in a plastic zip up binder and after asking, found they would not let me bring it to the coffee shop.  So, I emptied it all and put everything in my purse.  There.  That was allowable. 
Oh look.  The gay faction is representing.  Three color coordinated, neatly groomed men  are sipping coffee.  I listen for the dialect and yes, they are speaking "gay".  Before I get hate email, I have many, many gay friends and they even have a name for a woman such as myself with an abundance of gay men   friends.  
After the eye exam, I have to go to the eyeglass place to get my glasses.  
Happy Birthday to Mami and John Lennon.  October 9th.  This date always stirs deep emotions I will be dealing with all day.  
Damn!  No pasties left.  They were serving what an acquaintance here, ( nice young man named Bryan) called green eggs and ham.  Those are the eggs that taste fishy to me.  I think I'll skip breakfast.  
My appointment is at 2:30pm, so I think I'll surf the Net for jobs and do a little laundry before I go there today.  
I look around the place and just about everybody is scratching. Yuck.  I will have the creepy crawlees all day now.  Oh, Lawd, they are starting the Donald Duck talk 
While I was waiting for one of the buses yesterday, I saw Luis had called.  Island Tom wants us to play at Mustang Fest in Port A Saturday from 11 to 2pm.  He offers $20 for Jenny to bring me.  I call Jenny.  I will pitch in $10.  She can do it.  I call Luis back and after a short phone tag, get to talk to him.  Well, good, a gig.  We haven't practiced, but I think we'll do okay.
So, I have something to look forward to plus a little money for the shelter.  

2012-10-16 Deadlines

Good morning from the Good Sam Coffee House.  I've been awake since 4:50am.  Ugh.  There is no TV, music, radio, nothing to ease us into the day.  So much has happened.  
Heroin Girl has returned and tho she's a drama queen fiercely in love with her Latino BF, she's been okay to me.  Betty, twisted her body and her knee failed to follow so her knee-bone "popped" and she's been in horrible pain, but working everyday.  Linda, is still breeding bedbugs and was delighted she was going to get her pain pills.  Funny, I thought she was already on pain pills.  Upper bunk girl is sometimes there, sometimes not.  She never moved into her locker, so don't know if she's left.  
Linda (didn't wake me up) but Heroin Girl said she threw up in the room's trash can in the middle of the night.  When HG complained, she simply put the trash can outside our door in the hall for the odiferous enjoyment of the poor women sleeping on mattresses on the floor in the main room.  It's probably still out there.  ewwwwww
Anyway, Crack Girl has not been seen at the Good Sam  since last Thursday.  She left her laptop  and a lot of her clothes.  She allegedly got a job but when someone came looking for her and was told where she was allegedly working, reports she was not there.  So, she has been evicted.  They are gathering her things allegedly, today.  This is good because HG and CG do not get along at all.
They kicked a guy out yesterday for fighting.  They took it to the end of the block, but, failed to cross the street into non-Good Sam property, so, they were on property and got evicted.  
Fifteen people were evicted yesterday for non-payment.  
They will be tearing down the 60 year old complex in December or January, so I think they may be evicting people so there are less to handle when the time comes for everyone to go.  
I went yesterday to get my surgery voucher and my card was still in pending status.  It's been back and forth on the phone between the specialist's staff and Dr. B's staff, and the Memorial Hospital staff for a year. Wednesday, I'm supposed to see the ENT doctor.  I don't know why, the ear is fine, It's the tumor on the earlobe driving me crazy.
I will check and see if it's all straightened out.  
Yesterday, I finally got my glasses.  This bifocal thing is da bomb.  So, I am seeing the world in a clear new way.  
I did 3 loads of laundry yesterday.  I've been here 10 days.  That's not so bad, me thinks, for 10 days.  
Today, I will pick up my voucher for the surgery tomorrow and spend the day at the workforce commission updating my resume and checking out the job options.  
I need to get a job ASAP.  I have one more check coming from Subway and it will be a small one.  
I've got to get out of here.  This feeling grows everyday.  
I broke out in red, itchy bumps in my forearms.  It could be from anything.  So, it's benedryl and itch creme for me. 
Well, I better bounce on outa here.  I have much to do today since not I can see.  Here come the tests, interviews, and hopefully a job very soon.  I have all I need to survive here.  I'm on the lookout for a small  rolling case for the unpacked portion of my laundry.  Wish me luck on the job hunt.  I need my pups and a home to prevent a depression episode.  

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

2012-109-28 Last Days in Port A

Saturday started normal enough.  The dogs did fairly well during the night, but I allowed myself to sleep a little longer and they had a few accidents.  I cleaned them up before the family got up so I thought I was okay.  I took the boys for a walk.  Gawd, they love thier walks.  It was good sleeping weather and I was struggling to wake up.  There had been a storm overnight complete with thunder and lightning.  The dogs were scared by the thunder and were agitated.  They had been agitated since we started staying here.  My cousin likes to think of himself as easy going, but, I beg to differ.  
Now, I don't want anyone to think I am not grateful.  He and his wife let me stay here when I had no where else to go.  I even tho I appled at Subway they day Moby Dick's ended on Labor Day, I didn't start til the following week.  So, my pay was totally off schedule.  Not that the manager cared.  She was out for herself only.  I asked her when my payday was.  She said September 28th.  Perfect, Great.  I can move out and get a place.  Then on September 28th, nobody got paid.  She gave me a bad date.  My plans had gone all to hell.  
I was scheduled to work at 12pm the next day, but my cousin had other plans.  He said his wife had woken up shaking because my dogs were squabbling and she had awoken shaking.  She had seen them squabble times before, so to me this landed on the absurd side of the fence.  They really were just scared as we hadn't had thunder in months and it scared them being on the second floor.  He was rabid.  He screamed at me.  Accused me of denial as to my dogs barking.  I wasn't. He had complete control over my life at that time and in fighting to win the argument, I was shut him down.  I was also at the point where I had had it with his presumption that he was Cesar Milan II.  He had even said he could kill my dogs and he would "feel no remorse".  It was at that point that my protective mechanism kicked in and I had to go.  He screamed he would pay for a hotel room but he couldn't see his wife go thru that again.  I said fine.  He called my sister, Clara, and was bellowing all his sore points with me and my dogs.  When he was done, I told him I heard everything he said.  He sarcastically said, "Yes, that was Clara.  She's coming to pick your ass up",  I started packing.  I didn't take but 15 minutes as I had only basic stuff with me.
When she and her husband got there, she said she was just dropping off some money to help me out and hadn't planned on taking me anywhere.  Interesting.  So, since we had nothing planned.  I took a room at the Captain's Quarters.  Nice, big rooms.  
After getting caught in another storm on my bike coming back from Dairy Queen, the dogs and I fell into a very deep sleep and didn't wake up until 2 hours before check out.  I had called the first shelters on a list given to me, and there were no openings and they didn't take dogs at all.  Everybody was unyielding. I wanted out of Port A badly.  It felt like I would die if I stayed there any longer.  The dogs slept most of the time.  They had been under sto much stress while we stayed there.  They hated my dogs and the boys could feel it.
Jenny picked me up and went to CC.  After much driving, we found that Leopard didn't have the cheapest motels in town anymore.  We settled for the Airport Xpress  as we ran out of time before Abel had to get to work.  
It was run by East Indians.  It was a smoking room and they had perfumed it with this wretched, sick, sweet scent.  It was hard for me to breathe.  That night I called Papa John's and had a small pizza I shared with my dogs.  They get the crust.  We watched TV, took our walks, and slept.  Since it was Sunday, nothing could be done to plan for a place to stay, so I stayed another day.  I looked in the phone book for dog fostering and rescue and found Ms. Dunlap's number.  She was swell and told me to call Mr. Denny Bales or Dr. Bywaters at the Gulf Coast Humane Society.  I gave information to the receptionist and explained my desperate situation.  I was starting to give up when Ms. Robin, the VP for the GCHS, called me back to say Dr. Bywaters had agreed to keep them there til I got a place, on my feet.  I burst out crying in gratitude and left a couple of messages of joy, which I think may've been mistaken for despair.  I had spoken with Brian of the Good Samaritan Shelter who had explained there weren't any kennels available.  The accepted dogs, but no kennels were available.  
I called him for more information such as how big are the lockers, how much for a night, etc.  
I packed up that Monday, and Jenny, once again, saved my bacon.  I was sad as we drove to the South Side with 3 chihuahuas in hour laps.  We drove up and I surrendered my most precious companions.  We drove away and I was in shock.  Our next stop was for me to eat.  We did the drive-thru at Bill Miller for some chicken.  Ate in a parkiing lot.  We drove up to Good Sam's.  We unloaded my stuff.  I always have too much stuff.,  I checked in.  In their kindness, I was assigned a lower bunk because of the arthritis in my spine.  I noticed my lock was too big, so with my stuff un guarded, I practically ran to the Gen Dol 5 blocks down Staples and got a smaller lock.  I locked my stuff and slept for hours.  I slept like the dead.  
They told me not to just stay in my room and sleep.  I ignored them.  I was tired.  Months and months of mental fatigue and having to face my worst fear of becoming homeless.  Of not having my dogs.  I missed them already.  It was now Tuesday.  Wednesday, after my orientation, I called people.  I called for eye care assistance from St. Marks.  I called Teresa, the lady that helps me from Community Services.  I told her  my sad story.  I decided I was exhausted and spent most of Wednesday, in bed and on Facebook.  Thursday, I sent to Spohn Memorial and renewed my medical card and refilled my meds.  It took most of the day. Friday, I went to the Dr. and they decided I still had to see a specialist for the tumor on my earlobe.  I got my flu shot.  I came back frustrated that I still had that damn tumor on my earlobe.  Saturday, I slept late and organized my locker. Tried to download the Avengers, a Joss Whedon movie, but couldn't do it.  Not enuf RAM or something.  And I will copy and paste my previous postings on FB and move them here when time allows for it.  They are having orientation here in a few minutes so I have to unhook my stuff and git.  

Monday, October 08, 2012

2012-10-08 Monday Morning

Good Monday Morning to You!  I'm at Taqueria Garibaldi enjoying an order of avocado wrapped by hot off the grill tortillas and a cup of coffee and glass of ice water.  I've been up since 5am.  
It's in the 60's this morning and the general topic of the day is that it's cold.  It's perfect to me.  I was awakened by a much put out Betty who was exclaiming it was a helluva way to wake up.  It seems she awoke to the site of Linda pulling bed bugs off her person and her blouse.  OhHellNO!  I really believe Linda needs to be in a retirement center where she will be cared for and made to bathe.  I have only found 3 bedbugs on mt bunk in as many days..  I usually scream and with a karate scream beat at it with my chancla.  Then I put my chancla on and stomp on it til I'm satisfied I have killed it.
Today, after I complete an application for a job my community services lady wants me to try, I will go and get the voucher for an eye exam and then drop off the application.  That will prolly take all day.  Once at the shelter, I have to do laundry. 
Clara gave me a fabulous back-pack yesterday.  Way better than the one I got at the Gen Dol store.  I rearranged my stuff again and I almost have every thiug in some kinda container which makes me one pretty organized cookie. 
Yesterday, Clara, Clarrissa, and I went to the GCHS to visit "da boys".  That's my 3 chihuahuas they are keeping for me til I get  on my feet.  God, I missed them so much.  They were their usual loving selves and we had a nice visit filled with doggie baby talk, kisses, and sneak attack face licking by da boys.  They are such sweet dogs.  Viggo is in love with Clara.  Just climbed up on her lap and stared at her with the eyes of a doggie in love.  Gomez and Papi Chulo made sure to make time to poop and mark as much territory as they could.  The looked so happy,. My resolve to get us all a home is reinforced doubly now.  I long for a home where I can be on the furniture without fear of catching bugs or disease.  That sounds elitist and stuck-up, but well, it is a reality.
Clara ran me thru the Bill Miller Drive Thru.  I was jones-ing for some fried chicken.  And it was awesome.   
When I returned, I found there was no private place to eat it, so I had to eat it on the patio.. Sure enough a "GUEST" asked me if he could have what I couldn't finish.  I couldn't really relax and enjoy it.  Now, these people get 3 square meals a day.  And, if they want, and there's any left, can get seconds.  Yet, this man was asking for my leftovers.  What was really embarrassing is that I ate it all.  There were no left overs.  He looked pissed off.  But my experience is, once you because once your become known as a soft touch, you will be hit up for money, food, hygiene stuff, just everything.  So, I keep to myself.
When I had to find a smaller lock for my locker, it was unlocked for all of about an hour as I ran down to the Gen Dol.  When I got back, most of the little hotel soaps, shampoos, conditioners, etc. had already been lifted.  Damn.  I wanted to use those up while I was in the shelter.  Now, someone else is.  S'okay.  They must've needed it and soap is replaceable and cheap enough.
Okay...time to put on the jams and fill out the application and plan my route to the church with the voucher for my eye exam. 
Ya'll have a good-day. Take care of your health.  You don't want to end up like Linda.  

Saturday, October 06, 2012

2012-10-05 Can I have a little drama with that please?

Can I Have A Little Drama With This, Please?

Saturday and Sunday are late wake-ups at Good Sam's.  You can sleep in.  From before the sun rose, I could hear the ladies in animated discussion.  They were all talking about Linda.  
Linda was the dorm-mate not in the room.  I just went back to sleep since it was a discussion I'd already heard too many times since my stay started.  When they stopped, I put my chanclas on and grabbed my TP and made a pit-stop.  Came back and again, went to sleep.  
By the time I woke u around 10am, the discussion was ablaze like a forest fire.  "She stinks".  "She's nasty". "She doesn't bathe". "She has bed-bug nests under her bed".  "She's a hyperchondriac".  And there was just an abundance of bad energy about Linda.  I just got there.  I don't know.  I have bare said 2 words beyond "good morning" to her.  There were plenty of phrases saying they were going to file a report and talk to the Big Buy.  My experience told me it was a lot of bitchery and no one was going to do anything.  
Jennifer, Bunk 5 above me, was accompanied by one of the staff guys and she was grabbing her stuff and stripping her bed.  They were going to heat treat her stuff as she says she was bitten up by bed bugs all night.  I have been lucky.  I seem to be spared except for the mental torture for me because of the roach infested RV in Port A.  
So, Jennifer was moved out and Mark came into the room.  We engaged in computer small talk about my keyboard and teeny laptop.  He they sprayed Jennifer's bunk and covered every inch.  I dusted my bunk with baby power. I old Betty sez (she's a few years younger than me, but looks 10 years older) it works, then I will try it.  
They Linda came in with another staff guy and they took ALL her clothes and bedding to get heat treated in the high temp dryer. My opinion is she prolly needs tgo stay at an old folks home so someone can care for her, but, what do I know.  
I had lunch at the shelter.  It was soup.  The kind of soup you make where you put everything in it that will go bad soon like pasta, potatos, small weenies, some kinda beef, and whatever.  I ate it.  What the hell.  It's all carby, but I can't be ungrateful.  I am thankful for everyday and every meal and don't want my energy turning negative like I see all around me.  I felt like I should leave the shelter.  So, I took off to find an eatery where I could have coffee, a table, and 2 plugs.
I am at Garibaldi's tacos on Staples.  It is an amazing, old building.  Bars on the windows and doors, and some mighty old wood.  I can only wonder how this building fared during all those hurricanes of years past. After patroling the inside perimeter, one set of plugs was under the TV and there were some muchachos watching football.  I found some plugs on Table 13, but it was an 8 top.  No one was sitting there or sat there the whole time I was there, but I was moved to Table 36 where there was a plug took up one socket.  So when their backs were turned, I unplugged the damn thing and plugged in my wifi modem. And started to recount the morning so I can then clear email, plan my week, call Clara about maybe seeing the dogs tomorrow, and again, rearrange my locker.  I'm thru my clothes again.  I'm going to see what I can part with and keep decreasing my duds til I have just the basics.  That's my goal.  To end up with less than I came in with.  Well, chili con queso was too watery.  The coffee was ok.  And I should break down and head back to face the rest of the day.  I downloaded Avengers last night and have to watch it by today and fit a shower in.  It's Saturday night so expect the place to be almost empty.  Hard to imagine, but there are many budding romances in the shelter.  Women bragging that their man will soon get out of prison.  Bragging like they were graduating college.  It's a different world here.  I'll post more later.